“Dear One, You are a Child of God, who is Divine Love,
which makes you a direct extension of that love. Therefore, you ARE love.”
~ Your Guardian Angel ~

(Channeled through Cynthia Hodges from Archangel Michael)

Welcome to the world of Angelic Dimensions! My name is Cynthia Hodges.
I communicate with the Archangels, Angels, and with Guiding Spirits.

This is how my journey began:

Angel Readings, Angel Parties with Cynthia HodgesWhen I was a small child communicating with my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, I remember distinctly having conversations with them. Some adults referred to them as ‘imaginary friends’. However, they were and are very real. I know from my own past experiences that when I see a child talking aloud while alone, they are usually talking to their Helping Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. This is especially true whenever I have seen my nieces and nephews do this when they were little. I never discouraged it, as I believe it is a wonderful natural gift from above.

As I grew up and became more connected to Third-Dimensional Reality/every day earthly experiences, I got somewhat disconnected from that spiritual part of myself as so many of us do.

My reconnection was initiated in July of 1992 when my best friend’s mother, Bonnie, passed away from cancer. My friend called me around 2 a.m. and said, “Mom passed away. She’s gone.”

I offered my sympathy and even though we knew this was to be expected, I found that, like my friend, I felt dazed, and very saddened. After we hung up, I experienced an innate knowing that I would be getting a spiritual visit from her after I went back to sleep, which sure enough, came true.

Bonnie came to me because she said that I was open and able to hear her. She needed me to deliver her message of love and peace.

She said with loving reassurance, “Please tell the kids for me that I love them and I am okay.” After that she said good-bye and went into that beautiful loving light that I now know is the loving hands of Mother/Father God, our Creator.

The next morning I awoke in pure amazement that her visit really did happen. I was immersed in an inexplicable feeling of peace. She got through to me and I was so grateful that I ‘got it’. I knew she was right where she was supposed to be and she was okay. She was in heaven with the rest of her spiritual family. Immediately, I called my friend and shared the entire experience with her.

Cynthia Hodges Angel Readings & Messages

Several years passed before I would have similar experiences...

I took a course to learn how to communicate with animals. This was a brand new gateway on my spiritual journey. For a while, I communicated with animals and then started communicating more often with other peoples’ loved ones who had transitioned or crossed over. They were so eager to communicate their messages and it came so naturally for me. The angels told me that it was time for me to begin my Lightwork and help other’s grow and expand on their paths. They said, “You will know what to do throughout the process. We will guide you every step of the way. Listen and trust your inner guidance”.

I also would like to honor my friend, Betty, who is now in Spirit. Because of her illness, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), she lost her motor skills along with her ability to speak. She was very cognizant this entire time. I knew in my heart that there had to be another way to communicate with her. There was. It was through her Higher Self. Because I was so emotionally connected with her, I chose not be the one to communicate with Betty directly. So, I found someone who was unbiased and who could do that for me. She is a Shamanic Practitioner. She did what it is called a Shamanic Journey for me so Betty could have a way to communicate. She embarked on a Shamanic Journey, connecting with Betty's Higher Self. This communication was a tremendous gift to both of us.

Prior to Betty's departure from this physical plane, I experienced the ever most loving presence of Archangel Azrael.  He was there watching over her and comforting her, as well as the rest of the family.  He was also helping her prepare for her departure to heaven.  That was a great comfort and a beautiful gift to me knowing she was not alone.

When it was time for Betty to transition and leave this physical plane, I saw her spirit leave with great joy that she was free from a body that was in such ill health.

I presently work with Archangel Azrael when someone has lost their loved one, especially because of my own experience.  He reaches out to let us know that he offers healing and reassurance that our loved ones are safe and sound.

The blessed communication with Betty was life altering. I then was led to study with Doreen Virtue to become a certified ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®. Now I'm reconnected, walking and communicating with my angels and guides in my every day life.

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Abundant Blessings to you,


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